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Technology should enable us to create in wonderful ways. But instead, it’s been directed mainly for other purposes.

And it began more than a century ago.

Since the industrial revolution that we’ve been losing our freedom to create, working in evermore meaningless and repetitive jobs.


Day in day out we go and work for someone else's interest, on and on for the rest of our lives.

And at the end we're left with almost nothing for our life's work.

In retrospect, we work because we need to, not because we want it, like it, or because we're good at it.


Cuscute wants to change this.

We believe technology can decentralize production, giving us the ability to produce locally and sell globally.

What would you prefer: To buy a low quality, overpriced, mass produced product, sold by the millions, or to buy a high quality, honest priced, uniquely produced product made with care? Would you prefer to do the same job every day, again and again, mindless, underpaid, for the benefit of others, or to do what you want, what you like and what you’re good at?


We want to give the power back to you.

We want to spark your creativity and give you the freedom to create. We'll handle the rest.


This is our mission: Change how the economy works. 

Our future starts here.


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